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Tailored solutions for the every day homeowner

Founded by solar industry veteran Casey Klekner out of necessity; a necessity to bring homeowners more competitive options when upgrading their homes to solar. All too commonly a homeowner looking to go solar will be offered a one-size-fit-all option from big box solar companies with high overhead but the truth is, every homeowner is different in their needs. Instead of being told what options you'll be given, let Klekner Solar Energy Solutions find what's right for your needs and do the shopping for you. 

With our expertise, we'll search for the best combination of options at the best possible price. We'll find the package that gets you the best warranties, panel quality & efficiency, pricing, and payment terms using an unbiased approach. Our top priority however is connecting the homeowner with the highest rated installer with a trusted track record of quality installs and customer satisfaction. 



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